Welcome to the paradise of candy and bubble world!

New elimination play.You will fall in love with new props mode, it is also free.Download it now and Enjoy your happy time!

  • As the most classic puzzle game and match-three game
  • No matter the elderly, children, women, housewives or beautiful girls all love our games.
  • Train your brain and finger. It's a brain game for adult and lt's very cool.
Corsa Racer
  • More than 2000 fun and challenging game levels to challenge your brain.brain.The classic bubble shooter, same as the original version.
  • 50 kinds of sweet candy, Easy to learn and challenge the candy master.
  • Smooth animations, cool gameplay. Captivating arcade inspired music.
Corsa Racer

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Corsa Racer
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  • We promises that playing this game will not be forgettable and will be your most enjoyable experience with bubble games on App Store!
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sweet candy and bubbles

50 kinds of sweet candy and bubbles, come and experience!